Bulgarian Center for Bioethics is dedicated to the advancement of bioethics in Bulgaria. It promotes the development of all areas of bioethics including biomedical ethics, research ethics, the ethical treatment of all living organisms subject to scientific research, animal ethics, the ethics of biotechnology and agricultural ethics. The Center collaborates with local and international governmental and non-governmental organizations and develops collaborative programs and projects in bioethics. The Center assists Bulgarian and international institutions involved in the application and monitoring of bioethical standards. It provides support to Bulgarian professionals in implementing bioethics policies and principles, and in meeting the highest ethical standards in their fields. The Center provides an open forum for public and expert discussions of bioethical issues


To fulfill its mission, the Center adopts the following goals:

  • To advocate for and protect the rights of patients and to facilitate their free exercise
  • To work for the improvement of the ethic of Bulgarian healthcare
  • To advocate for and protect the rights and interests of the human and animal subjects of scientific and medical research and experiments
  • To monitor the activities of the state, legal and physical persons concerning human subject research, animal experimentation and research on living systems and the environment
  • To work to reform the national healthcare policies and legislation so as to meet the highest ethical principles and international norms with regards to patient rights, protections of research subjects, the ethical treatment of animals and the environment
  • To initiate and execute projects and programs in science and education and to work for the continuous advancement of civil live and civil society in Bulgaria

To fulfill its mission, the Center engages in the following activities:

  • Research and scholarship
  • Expert advice and consulting
  • Education and training in all areas of bioethics
  • Discussions, symposia, meetings, round tables, seminars and workshops